The IBD certification guarantees respect for the legislation for organic food in the domestic market, but it goes beyond: it guarantees that the product complies with European and North American standards. Mate Herbal has been certified by IBD since 1997.
This is the seal of the Brazilian System of Organic Conformity Assessment (SisOrg). SisOrg certifies that the product has at least 95% organic ingredients in its composition. All Mate Herbal products are 100% organic.
Accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the USDA Organic seal represents a regulation of organic food. This certification is granted to producers and industries that comply with the rules and regulations of production, handling, labeling and inspection, guaranteeing the product's international standard quality.

All Mate Herbal products meet the standards of the American market, so they are USDA certified.
Orgânico Europeu (CE)
Mate Herbal has European Organic (CE) which means we meet 100% European market standards.
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